Three Weeks Dead

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Three Weeks Dead


“Bones & Boxes” by Anna Drake

Bones & Boxes: a Hetty Fox Cozy Mystery (Hetty Fox Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

Sixty year old Hetty was a mystery buff and, along with her black cat aptly named ‘Blackie’ and the ghost of her college fiancé, she found herself in the middle of a real live murder mystery to solve.
It began one night when Rose, a neighbor and friend, called on Hetty to accompany her while she checked on another friend, Carrie. To Hetty’s horror, she found Carrie’s body lying on the kitchen floor. Hetty and her two unusual helpers, using their sleuthing powers, try, and suceed, to find the killer.
This is a fun book to read by the fireplace with a steaming cup of hot cocoa beside you and a cat curled at your feet.  I give Ms. Drake 3 1/2 stars for her first book in the Hetty Fox Mystery series.

“My Cat Hate My Vet” by Amy Shojai

This book is written in the usual style of Amy Shojai who, as you know, is one of my favorite animal behaviorist.   It covers what to do when your cat has trouble with all of the stages of going to the vet, or anywhere else.

“My Cat Hates My Vet”  starts out with the first stage…getting her used to the carrier.  Amy suggests a few different carries, depending on the size of your cat.  For example, the carrier should have plenty of room for her to move around comfortably.  Getting your cat used to her carrier as she rides in the car may not seem like a big deal; but for those who have heard the heart-wrenching mews of a scared kitten, or the ear-splitting yowls of a mad cat while driving, know that this is not the case.  IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL!!

Ms. Shojai also suggests helpful tips like taking your cat into the vet when there isn’t anything wrong.  You do this to let the cat know that the vet and staff are not the enemy, and it is sometimes a fun place in which she can romp and play.  This way, there is less anxiety when she needs to go for her checkups, etc.

As usual, I found Amy’s “My Cat Hates My Vet” informative, as well as entertaining.    I give it 5 stars and wholeheartedly suggest it to any cat guardian.

I See You by Clare MacKintosh

I See You

“I See You” is one of the creepiest thrillers I’ve read in a long time (and I like creepy books).  The thrills begin right at the starting gate, and continue to the very last page.

In the newspaper one day, Zoe Walker finds a picture of a woman who looks like her; in fact, she thinks it may be her.  From then on, she feels as though someone is watching her every move.  When she tells her friends and family, no one seems to believe that she is in danger.  Zoe is on her own, fighting for her life.

She begins to suspect everyone, including the man with whom she is living. She trusts only her friend, Melissa. She is the one to whom Zoe tells her problems. She is the one who listens to Zoe’s fears.  We all have a friend like Melissa, that we can trust with our deepest, darkest secrets.  Or do we?

We trust that no one is watching us as we are mindlessly going through our daily routines. Why would anyone care?  We all are in the same rut that we know as life.

This book made me think twice about social media, of where I go and the fact that I’m home alone at the same time everyday.  I asked myself, do I have too much information in my social media accounts.  Is there enough  for someone with less than honorable intentions to stalk me; find out all about my life and possibly take it?  Can I even trust my friends and family?

If Clare Mackintosh intended to scare her audience, she succeeded.  All I suggest is that you don’t read “I See You” alone at night.

We Have Moved!


As some of you may have noticed, we have  moved from Blogger to WordPress.  I have not been active as of late, but I will do better now that I have both of my blogs in one place.  You might be interested in checking out my other blog, which is all about cats.

You can also find me in Goodreads.  Current, I am reading “I See You”, by Clare Mackintosh.  I See You is a thriller/mystery, which is my most favorite genre.

I will be reviewing this book shortly.  In the meanwhile, I be sharing books that I have read recently.